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Latest version

Version 1.0.0
21. 07. 2019

1. Single spectra IR:

Contains 326 reference spectra of plastics, as well as natural organic materials that can be misinterpreted as plastics.

Latest version

Version 1.02
21. 07. 2019

Reference databases

2. For automated IR analysis:

Latest version

Version 1.0
21. 07. 2019

3. Raman

Raman analysis is currently in beta stage and only available for preprocessed data.

The reference databases were first described in Cabernard, L.; Roscher, L.; Lorenz, C.; Gerdts, G.; Primpke, S.,
Environmental Science & Technology 52 (22), 13279-13288 (2018)

Latest version

Version X.Y.
21. 07. 2019

For testing the software

Latest version

Version 1.0
21. 07. 2019

Sample database: IR

Software for the automated detection of microplastic


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